Full Explanation of the GOOD NEWS!

Probably the best news that mankind will ever hear is that Heaven is a completely FREE gift! All of your life you may have been under the impression that God is weighing your good deeds against your bad deeds and that in the end He will either welcome you into heaven or NOT based on the outcome. The good news is that our future does not have to hang in the balances depending on our performance. In a world full of constant pressure this really should help to relieve some of the heat! The Bible tells us:

... the GIFT of God is eternal life ... Romans 6:23

As we all know a genuine gift is completely free. That means you could never WORK for the gift of eternal life no more than you could work for a birthday gift or a anniversary gift etc....

I want to stop here for just a minute and say something. The fact that you're reading this is NOT an accident. I believe that God has lots more good news for you. Please don't stop now.. Continue and find out WHY heaven is a free gift and find out how to receive it .

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